Why air conditioners are better than fans for summer

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Why air conditioners are better than fans for summer

Summer has been ruthless this year, with Melbourne already experiencing multiple heatwaves midway through the season.

In fact, the city’s temperature rose to a maximum of 44 degrees Celsius on Friday, making it Melbourne’s hottest day since Black Saturday in February 2009, when it reached 46.4 degrees.

Amidst the sweltering heat, the question remains: are fans enough to keep us cool, or should we install air conditioners in our homes?

At a glance, it seems as though it makes more sense to get a fan. Fans are easy to use, easy to maintain, and cheap to run. Plus, we technically only need a cooling solution for three months out of the entire year, so it probably makes more sense to get a fan, right?

Well, not really. Here are some reasons why air conditioners would work better than fans during the summer.

Air conditioners effectively cool a space

Fans don’t actually lower the room temperature. Instead, they work by moving the air around, which indirectly cools your body. But when the mercury reaches 30 degrees and above, all the fan is doing is basically pushing hot air around.

On the other hand, air conditioners absorb heat from inside your home before sending cool air back into the room. The effects of air conditioners are felt quicker too, allowing you to experience chilled air almost immediately.

Air conditioners can cover a bigger area

To get the full benefit of a fan, you would have to stand directly under it (ceiling fans) or facing it (pedestal fans). Move away, and you may not get any breeze at all.

With air conditioners, the entire room will be cooled. In fact, if you’re using a ducted air conditioning system, your entire house will be cooled down, leaving you with nothing but comfort in every corner.

Air conditioners give you full indoor climate control

Fans have limited temperature control, and the best they can do is give you some breeze to make the heat a little more bearable.

Air conditioners, meanwhile, allow you to set a preferred temperature. And when the target is met, it will be maintained to ensure you stay comfortable.

Air conditioners can be used all year round

Fans, although lower in cost, are only truly used during summer. The rest of the year will probably see them standing idly by, forgotten at a corner.

Reverse cycle air conditioning units will not only cool you in summer, but they can also keep you warm in winter. This makes them extremely useful all year round, making them cost-effective in the long run.


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