Reclaim Heat Pump

It’s time for massive savings off your energy bill!

With our Reclaim energy C02 Heat Pump hot water system you will use less energy than an electric water heater for a high thermal output.

How Does it work?

Our Heat Pump is like a 3 – 4 kWh battery for your home.

We have designed the REHP (Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump) to integrate with your PV system (Solar Power System) to maximise your savings and take advantage of the energy you are already creating, before exporting back to the grid for little return with current feed in tariffs.

Managing your energy

The Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank (stainless steel or glass lined). The system’s heat exchange collects heat from the air surrounding the unit to use as energy for the refrigerant which is ozone friendly CO2.

The unit can supply in excess of five units of heat energy from ambient air for every unit of electricity it consumes meaning that the cost of energy used to produce hot water is minimised. Our Reclaim energy CO2 Heat pump has excellent cold weather performance characteristics therefore there is no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for your unit. Our smart controller ensures that the Reclaim energy CO2 heat pump provides you, the householder with a highly efficient, low operating cost hot water solution.

Combining the system with PV only enhances a householders reduction in energy consumption and costs. Our interactive controls and monitoring allows you the customer to take control over your energy generation and management for all your hot water needs.

Reclaim heat pump advantages

  • Easy to install
  • Offering Glass Lined Enamel and Stainless Steel tank options
  • Top down Heat Pump return heating for quick water recovery
  • CO2 refrigerant ideally suited to excel in cold weather conditions
  • CO2 refrigerant naturally environmentally friendly
  • High COP creating high energy from low energy input
  • Whisper quiet operation level at 37 dB
  • Has the ability to heat hot water from as little as $1 per day
  • One shot boost function for continuous hot water
  • Designed to use excess PV generation rather than exporting it to the grid – control your energy
  • Smart controller allows customers to take control over their energy costs and consumption
  • Stainless Steel available in tall and squat tank for sub floor installs
  • STC and VEEC approved
  • Qualifies for the Victorian Solar Hot Water rebate

Dollars and sense

  • Average running cost of $360 per annum*
  • Average daily consumption of 3 kWh per day
  • Estimated payback period of 3 years
  • Warranty up to 15 years**

* Energy usage varies based on individual house hold requirements and location. Estimates provided here are based on the results of field trials undertaken in Australia across 2018.
** Our Stainless Steel Tanks come with a 15 year warranty.