Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Total Electrics and AC specialises in a wide range of systems for air conditioning in Melbourne. You can be assured that your house won’t be too warm and muggy in the summer months, with an air conditioning system that meets your needs perfectly.

Depending on your personal requirements, you can choose from evaporative cooling to multi-head split systems to a more comprehensive ducted air conditioning system. We provide an air conditioning service in Melbourne that is fast, reliable, and effective, so you don’t have to worry about having sleepless summer nights. Choose the right system for your home or speak to one of our experts to find out what would suit you the best.

While Melbourne’s cool weather is endurable for the most part of the year, it is during the summers that you truly experience the heat that’s hard to tolerate, making it imperative that your home has a good quality cooling system in place. Summer nights can be hot, sweaty, and unpleasant, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t protect yourself against it. A proper cooling system will ensure your house remains refreshingly cool to live in during the day, while also ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep

Comparison Gas Heaters vs Split Systems

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Types of Air Conditioners:





So how much will it cost to install an air conditioner in Melbourne?

Air conditioning installation in Melbourne costs range from $600 to $5400, depending on the type of air conditioning system or unit and how complex the installation will be. Smaller split systems may cost around $700 to $850, while larger split systems or ducted systems can go anywhere from $2400 and above.

Generally speaking, the prices to install a wall hung split system air conditioner are $700- $800 for a 2.5kw to 3.5kw inverter system, $800-$1000 for a 5kw to 9kw inverter system

This cost is for installation labor only and is separate from the purchase price of the unit.

For further information please read our blog: How Much Does It Cost to Install a Split System?

What size air conditioner do you need?

The size of your home or space

    The larger the area, the larger the unit capacity you will need. A typical guide:

    • A small room of 20 sqm and less: 2 to 2.5kw
    • A medium-sized room of about 20-40sqm: 2.5-5kw
    • A large room of 40-60sqm: 4-6kw

Please read our guide to air conditioner sizes

Who can install the split system?

The split system installation must be performed by a licensed technician.

According to the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), all installers and technicians are required to hold either a full Refrigeration & Air Conditioning license or a restricted license that lets them only install split system air conditioners.

This means you can get the installation done by a plumber, electrician, or specialist air con installer, as long as they are licensed to handle refrigerants.

At Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning, we specialize in assessing our clients’ individual needs to determine the best quality cooling systems for residential and commercial properties in the Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs of Air Conditioning Melbourne. Whether you are looking to purchase a split system, a ducted air-conditioning system, or anything in between, Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning should be your first point of call, for high-quality air conditioning installation Melbourne residents can trust.

 Can I install or service my system myself?

No. Attempting the installation or maintenance of cooling systems without the proper qualifications and experience is not safe for you or your home.

Cooling systems require installation by a licensed and qualified professional. To maintain our prestigious reputation, Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning employs highly trained licensed professionals to install and service cooling systems in accordance with industry regulations and best practices.  Incorrectly installing or servicing your Air Conditioning Melbourne could void the warranty.

You can request a free quote for installation using our booking system.

Air conditioning services Melbourne-based provide the supply and installation of air conditioners

You may be asking yourself, “How much do people spend to purchase and install an air conditioner?”  Installation costs vary widely, from under $1000 to upwards of $5000. The big difference in cost is due to factors that can impact the installation, such as your home’s accessibility, cable requirements, and electrical infrastructure. The price of supply and installation is also affected by the size of the air conditioner, like the kilowatt capacity; a rough estimate being $1800 – $2,500 for a 2.5kw inverter system in comparison to $2,500-$3,500 for a 5-7.1kw system. The cost is also dependent on where the air-conditioner is being installed.

Here at Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning, we also provide a certificate of electrical safety for the electrical work and a certificate of compliance for the plumbing work to guarantee confidence and clarity in your purchase.

What is the best air conditioner brand in Australia?

We offer four popular brands of Air Conditioning in Melbourne-based showrooms. These include Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. These brands are suitable for both Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning products.

Whether you are shopping for residential or commercial air conditioning, the size of the area and the electrical infrastructure, among other contributing elements, will influence which air-conditioning brand is most suited to your needs. At Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning, we value our customers and ensure that they will receive the highest quality of goods and services. We emphasize affordability and we are an approved supplier for the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades program through the Victorian Government.

You can read more about government rebates here:


 What is the best air conditioning wattage for me?

Residential air conditioner

Residential properties require lower wattage air-conditioning systems than commercial properties due to the decreased space and smaller rooms. As a guide, a small bedroom in a home should use 0-4kw, a medium room should use 4-7.1kw, and a larger space, such as a lounge room, should use 7.1-10kw.

Commercial air conditioner

Commercial spaces require a higher wattage due to their larger size. Though a higher wattage will result in higher consumption of power and increased maintenance costs, it is necessary to circulate and ventilate air-conditioning in larger spaces.

You can receive a free quote regarding the wattage of your property.

If you have any further questions regarding the installation or the purchase of one of our cooling systems, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.