Top 5 Air Conditioner Problems

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No one likes to be caught with a spoilt air conditioner just when they need it the most, whether for heating in the cold winter or cooling during hot summer days. But, like all electrical appliances, air conditioners will sometimes have problems.

The good news is that some of these issues can easily be solved, while others need to be handled by professional technicians. In any case, here are the top 5 air conditioner problems that you may encounter.

Insufficient air flow

If you feel that the air flow is inconsistent or that there seems to be insufficient air coming out of the unit, dirty air filters could be the culprit. When filters are clogged with dirt and dust, they can drastically reduce the flow of air. If left unchecked, these dirty filters can also potentially cause the air conditioner unit to freeze and lead to other major problems.

The standard recommendation is that washable air filters should be cleaned at least once every year, or every 3 to 6 months if the air con is used often. It would be best to clean them before peak seasons such as winter and summer, to ensure that your unit can run efficiently during these times.

Thermostat issues

Most air conditioners come with a thermostat sensor that measures and maintains a set room temperature. If your thermostat is not working properly, it may be broken or incorrectly calibrated. To fix this issue, you could replace or recalibrate your thermostat.

On the other hand, the problem may also be caused by an out-of-position sensor. To adjust it back to the right place, you will need a professional technician.

Unit seems to run nonstop

Air conditioning units usually come on and off to maintain the room temperature as set on the thermostat. If your system is running continuously without any stop at all, that could be an indication of a problem.

There are several reasons why your unit runs nonstop. First, your unit might be too small for the space it is in, which means it has to work harder to cool your home, therefore running often and even continuously. Another reason is that your air filter is dirty and it is restricting air flow. Your air con then has to run more through the day to produce sufficient cool air.

Other possible causes include: condenser coils being covered in dirt, thermostat not working, or there are air leaks or insufficient insulation. It could also mean that your air con’s time is up, and it needs to be replaced.

Ice build-up

Another common air conditioner problem is having ice build-up in the unit. Ice can be caused by several things, including dirty filters, dirty evaporators, low on refrigerant or a spoiled blower. If the ice is due to a dirty filter, you can usually fix it yourself.

Turn off the unit and let the ice melt completely. Once the ice has melted fully, remove the filter and give it a good clean. Then, dry and replace the filter, and see if this fixes the problem. If you still encounter ice issues, call a licensed technician.

Water leaks

If there are water puddles around your air conditioner’s indoor unit, the most common issue is a clogged condensate drain line. To unclog the drain line, you will need a professional technician to use a special vacuum to clear the blockage.

Other causes include: a damaged or rusted drain pan, a dirty air filter which lead to a frozen evaporator coil, low refrigerant (which can also cause the evaporator coil to freeze over), or a corroded evaporator coil.

If the water leaks are due to these causes, you should get a licensed technician to take a look at your air con unit.

Time for a new one?

If you have had a professional technician check your air conditioner and nothing much can be done, it may be time to get a new air conditioning installed. Even with good, regular maintenance, an air conditioner can last, on average, about nine to ten years.

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