Premium air quality with Daikin US7

Daikin US7 split system

Although the air quality in Australia is generally considered clean and good by world standards, we still face daily air pollution through smoke, motor vehicle emissions, and more. Exposure to air pollution, even short-term, can cause health problems especially to those with existing allergies or heart and lung conditions.

To keep our family safe and comfortable when indoors, the Daikin US7 split system air conditioner is packed with advanced features to provide premium air quality for your home. With its humidifying, dehumidifying, ventilating and air purification features, the US7 has been approved and acknowledged as a Sensitive Choice product by the National Asthma Council of Australia. It is also the first split system to earn a 7-star ‘Super Efficiency’ rating in Australia.

Some of the reasons the Daikin US7 split system will make a great addition to your home:

Advanced humidification and dehumidification

Dry air makes you feel cold as well as dries out your skin and throat. The US7 brings humidity into the room by drawing moisture from outdoor air, making you feel more comfortable and warm at lower temperatures.

On the other hand, its dehumidification feature reduces humidity without changing the room temperature, so you do not need to set extremely low temperatures just to remove excess humidity.

Air purification and automatic self-cleaning

Firstly, the US7 catches dust and pollen before breaking down any odours such as cigarette smoke through the photocatalytic air purification filter. Then, the unit’s flash streamer removes any harmful chemicals, viruses and allergens from the air.

The US7 also has an internal brush that automatically removes dust from its air filter. This helps to maintain a steady airflow and also minimises power consumption, as dirty filters often cause inefficiency. Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your filter is clean.

Good air ventilation and air circulation

Now you can enjoy fresh air even with the windows closed. Instead of just recycling indoor air, the US7 brings filtered outside air into your room. In fact, the system is able to fill a 26 m² room with filtered outside air within two hours or less.

Meanwhile, the Coanda Airflow allows air to be streamed along the ceiling for longer throws. This creates a circular airflow for an even and more efficient temperature distribution.

Other notable key features

  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye:The infrared human presence sensor prevents cold draughts and, if no movement is detected for 20 minutes, the unit enables energy saving operations.
  • Hyper ‘Saw Edge’ Fan:The indoor fan rotor is designed to deliver superior airflow and quiet operations.
  • Natural Breeze Airflow:Enjoy the sensation of a gentle breeze as the US7 randomly varies airflow and direction.
  • More Environmentally Friendly:The all new R32 refrigerant increases energy efficiency while reduces the ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ significantly.

The US7 split system comes with a backlit wireless remote controller, which allows you access to convenient functions, including:

  • Countdown On/Off timer
  • Circulation Airflow option
  • Quiet Mode
  • Six Humidity Control settings

Besides the remote, you can also use the Daikin Mobile Controller to monitor and control your system via your smartphone or tablet. As long as you have an internet connection, you can set the temperature from anywhere, even without being in the house.

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