5 tips for heating your home efficiently

5 tips for heating your home efficiently

It is important to keep you and your family warm during winter. Not only will you be feeling comfortable, but a well heated home during the colder months can reduce your chances of catching a cold or other respiratory illnesses.

Unfortunately, keeping the heating on also means higher energy bills. As heating and cooling account for about 40% of home energy usage, some Australians try to save money by reducing or foregoing heating completely.

The good news is there are some ways to heat your home more efficiently.

Keep the cold out

Keep the windows and doors closed whenever possible so the cold air is kept out. A lot of heat is lost through the glass in windows and doors, so if you don’t already, cover your windows with heavy curtains or blinds. If it is a bright sunny day, let some of the winter sun in to help warm up your room.

Seal up cracks and gaps around doors and windows, as these can let cold air in and cause heat loss.

Do not overheat

On especially cold days, the temptation to bring up the thermostat is high.
The recommended temperature for homes is around 18ºC to 20ºC. Every extra degree on the thermostat would cost approximately 10% more in heating costs, so think twice before increasing the thermostat.

Only heat rooms you use

If rooms or areas of your home are not being used, you can save energy and money by turning off or turning down the heating in that area. Check if your ducted heating system comes with zoning features that allow you to better control the areas you heat.

Alternatively, you can shut the doors to spaces that do not need heating or close the vents in unused rooms.

Maintain your heating system

Getting your heater checked and serviced regularly will keep it running more efficiently. It’s recommended to be serviced every two years.
If your system has filters, clean or change them regularly to prevent dust and dirt build up.

If you are planning to buy a new heating system, look for one that has a high energy rating. The more stars it has, the more energy efficient it is.

Boost the heat with ceiling fans

Many people use fans for cooling in summer, but not many know fans can be an effective tool in winter. When used in winter mode, ceiling fans spin clockwise and help to distribute warm air more evenly in the room. It prevents hot air from being lost at ceiling level, and also helps to eliminate cold spots near windows and doors.

Ceiling fans can make a big difference in reducing heating bills, especially in spaces with high ceilings.

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