Guide to buying the right heater for your house


Winter has arrived. It’s time to bring out the layers and brace for the cold season ahead. This is also the time when the demand for different types of heaters rises, as people want their houses to be nice and warm.

There are many types of heaters available today which are meant to be used for different purposes. To ensure you buy the right heater for your home, enclosed are some key elements which you should consider while buying a heater.

  • Requirement – Every house is different & therefore the requirement of the heating changes. If the space which needs to be heated is large, a powerful heater is required and a less powerful heater can be used if the area is smaller. Powerful heaters are expensive to buy but works out cheaper in the long run as they have a long shelf life. Electric & fan forced heaters are cheaper but are not very powerful and last for a shorter period
  • Power – It is very important to understand what amount of heating power is required to effectively heat your house. An error can lead to the heater not heating the house effectively or worse, overheating the house. The approximate area that 1kw of power can heat is 9 m2 of a large room and 16m2 of moderately sized room. It is recommended to calculate the required amount of heating and choosing a product that matches the criteria
  • Safety features & Star rating – The newer models normally come with inbuilt safety features like flame resistant, splash proof cases & automotive switch off in case of an error. The star rating in another important element. The star rating signifies how efficient the product is, more stars means higher efficiency
  • Types of Heaters – Broadly, there are 2 main types of heaters – Ducted Gas & Electric. Both these types of heaters are able to provide effective heating solutions. Depending on the type of the requirement, a specific gas or electric heater can be selected. Ducted Gas heating are a cheap and efficient heating option whereas Electric heaters are less efficient in the long run. Advantage of electric heaters is that it can be setup up easily and beneficial for smaller rooms.

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