Get cleaner air at home with the right air conditioning

Air pollution affects our health more than we realise, and is particularly dangerous to children, older people, and those with heart or respiratory conditions.

In fact, studies from around the world show that pollution related illnesses kill more people than car accidents.

Locking yourself indoors, however, doesn’t guarantee that you are safe from polluted air. Dust mite allergens, mold and pollen, tobacco smoke, household products, and gases such as carbon monoxide are all indoor pollutants that could pose a threat to you and your family.

To combat this issue, LG’s Inverter air conditioners use several filtration systems, like the Triple Filter, the Micro Dust Filter and the Anti Bacteria Air Filter, to eliminate unwanted odours and potentially harmful micro-particles in the air like viruses, bacteria and allergens.

imageLG air conditioners

LG air conditioners also come with several features to ensure better quality air:

1. Plasmaster Ioniser

The Plasmaster Ioniser generates over 3 million plasma ions which filtrate the air in the indoor environment and inside the air conditioning unit itself. It also combines water molecules in the air to provide extra moisture and control humidity in the room.

2. Plasmaster Auto Cleaning

The Auto Cleaning function helps to minimise the formation of mould and bacteria on the heat exchanger by sterilising the interior once more with ions. It then dries the wet indoor coil, which prevents mould and bacteria from breeding, and also helps eliminate odour without the need for frequent cleaning.

3. Micro Dust Filter powered by 3M

The 3M Micro Dust Filter is a new technology that makes use of electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles, such as pollen, dust and fungi, that increase the risk of asthma and allergic reactions. This is perfect for the upcoming Australian hay fever season!


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