Daikin’s hot new features keeping you cool this summer


The latest generation of Daikin split-system mounted air conditioners are industry leaders in technology and innovation. Have a look at some of the exciting features you can pick up with the Zena, Cora and US7*


Smartphone Control Adaptor

You can now manage your air conditioner remotely, via the D-Mobile App available from the Android and App Store, giving you the peace of mind if you forgot to turn off your system, or you are looking for the most efficient way for your home to be cool the moment you walk through the door. For the US-7 and Zena this feature is built-in, but for the Cora it can be added as an additional feature.

Swing compressor.

Daikin’s patented swing processor improves the efficiency of the compressor compared to the rotary compressor leading to an overall increase in system reliability. Swing processors also supress vibration which means a quieter system.

R32 refrigerant

Since The Montreal Protocol (1989) there is greater public awareness of substances such as refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer. The R32 refrigerant is the next generation in ‘greener’ refrigerants that enables increased energy efficiency and has a substantially lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’.

Natural Breeze Air Flow

A nifty feature on the new US7 is the ability to simulate a natural breeze. It achieves this by randomly varying airflow and direction, keeping your home at an optimal level of comfort.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

An internal brush automatically removes dust from your systems air filter, helping to maintain stable airflow and reducing power consumption.

Area Intelligent Eye

Using eye sensor controls, the unit starts saving energy if the room is empty for 20 minutes. As soon as someone enters the room it restores itself back to the original setting. The sensor can also be programmed to direct the airflow towards you for optimal cooling and heating or away from you for draft-free comfort.

To get more details on Daikin’s features click through to their air conditioning brochure, or contact the Total Electric team.


*Not all features available on all models