Easy and effective zone control with MyAir

Easy and effective zone control with MyAir Do you find yourself constantly fiddling with the air-conditioning controller to get the perfect temperature for the different areas in your home? You might need a zone control system. A zone control...
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Why go for smart Wi-Fi air conditioners

Summer is practically knocking on our doors right now, which probably makes it the best time for Melbournians to buy an air conditioner. With so many options to choose from, what type of air conditioner should we go for?...
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5 ways to lower your electricity bills this summer

Victorians spend a lot of money on electricity. According to latest statistics, the average annual energy bill in Victoria was found to be just over $1,600, with the highest average bills in the Melbourne area reported to be above...
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Get cleaner air at home with the right air conditioning

Air pollution affects our health more than we realise, and is particularly dangerous to children, older people, and those with heart or respiratory conditions. In fact, studies from around the world show that pollution related illnesses kill more people...
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