Premium air quality with Daikin US7

Daikin US7 split system
Although the air quality in Australia is generally considered clean and good by world standards, we still face daily air pollution through smoke, motor vehicle emissions, and more. Exposure to air pollution, even short-term, can cause health problems especially...
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Top 5 Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioning Melbourne
No one likes to be caught with a spoilt air conditioner just when they need it the most, whether for heating in the cold winter or cooling during hot summer days. But, like all electrical appliances, air conditioners will...
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How to choose the right split system model

split system instaallations
If you’re looking to buy a split system, chances are you will be astounded at the many models available. How do you know which model to go for? When choosing an air conditioner, there are several things you need...
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A guide to air conditioner sizes

Air conditioners come in many sizes, However, unlike some other products such as televisions or computers, where the size of the product is obvious, air conditioners may look similar despite their different capacities. Air conditioner sizes are represented by...
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