Are split systems good for heating?


When looking for a heating system for the home, many people tend to wonder: should I get a split system air conditioner or a ducted heating system?

Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, but reverse cycle split systems can definitely be a great heating solution for your home. Here is a quick look at the benefits of using split systems for heating:

Better control and comfort

Unlike ducted heating systems, which keep the entire house at the same temperature, split systems give you more control and flexibility. As individual split system units are installed in different rooms, you are able to adjust and set different temperatures in the different areas as needed. Now you no longer need to overheat the kitchen for the sake of the bedroom! Also, most split system units now come with advanced inverter technology, which allows them to gently adjust the power to reach your target temperature. It will then maintain it without fluctuations, adapting as needed to the temperature changes in the room.

More energy efficient

Due to its focus on individual rooms, split system heating is more energy efficient than some of the other heating systems. As you are able to turn it on to heat only the specific space it is located in, it is only generating the amount of heat that is required, and nothing goes to waste. This means more energy saved, and lower power bills.

Cheaper and easier to install

Split systems are especially great if you find yourself needing a heating system fast (like, now!). The air conditioners are easy and quick to install, and you can always start with heating just a couple of rooms, and add more units as and when you need them. A ducted system, on the other hand, requires more planning and work, plus a bigger upfront cost.

Good air quality

Besides keeping you warm and comfy, some split system air conditioners are able to clean the air in your home too. LG split system air conditioners, for example, feature several filtration systems that are able to trap and deactivate microscopic particles including dust allergens, bacteria and odours. If you want to reduce the risk of asthma, hay fever and other allergies, these air purification features are essential.

Safe for your family

Reverse cycle split systems do not have exposed elements or flames, and do not carry the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. These units also do not release any toxic fumes, making them safe for use in small spaces or rooms with poor ventilation. If you have little ones or pets in your home, split systems will give you good heating plus peace of mind.

Useful for all seasons

Most of the modern split system models use the reverse cycle technology, which means they are able to cool as well as heat. This is the first advantage that split system units have over ducted gas heaters: split systems can be used all year round, unlike gas heaters that can only be used during the colder months.

LG air conditioners to heat your home

LG split system air conditioners combine style and technology to give you the perfect heating solution. The units come in beautiful, modern design that will easily fit in with your home decor, and most of the new LG split system models have advanced air purification features to keep you and your family healthy. The LG Smart Series reverse cycle split systems come with built-in WiFi, allowing you to control your air conditioner remotely.

To find an LG split system air conditioner that will suit your home, please get in touch with our team at Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning.