Why run ceiling fans with air conditioners


Ceiling fans have long been compared to air conditioners, and many seem to find the need to pick one or the other when it comes to finding solutions to cool their home.

However, did you know that ceiling fans are increasingly being used with cooling systems instead of an alternative?

There are many benefits to using ceiling fans as an accompaniment to air conditioning systems:

Make you feel cooler

A ceiling fan does not actually change the temperature of the room, but it can help make the people in the room feel cooler. How? It’s the wind chill effect.
Wind or air movement across the skin evaporates sweat and eliminates body heat, which makes you feel colder than it may be. By moving air around in the room, a ceiling fan creates a similar wind chill effect indoors. Therefore, even if the air conditioner thermostat is set to 26 degrees Celsius, the people in the room may feel up to 5 degrees cooler with the ceiling fan turned on.

Lower energy bills

The harder your cooling system works, the more power it consumes. This means the lower the thermostat is set, the higher the energy bill will be.
With the ceiling fan helping to make the room feel cooler, you can increase the air conditioner’s thermostat without compromising on comfort. Even just setting the air conditioner one degree higher can potentially save you up to 10% in costs, so using the ceiling fan with your air conditioner will definitely save you money in the long run.

Not just for summer

The best thing about ceiling fans is that they don’t just come in handy in summer, but they also work well with heaters in winter!
Most modern ceiling fans now come with the Winter mode that reverses the fan’s rotation direction. This allows the fan to push warm air from the top of the room downward, letting people in the room feel more warmth. And because you feel the heat better, you won’t need to increase your heater’s thermostat, which, again, means less energy consumption and more savings.

One last tip:

It is important to note that ceiling fans do not lower the temperature in your home. They simply make the air feel cooler to the people in the room. So, if there is nobody in the room, remember to turn the fan off so that you do not waste energy and money.

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