Why reverse cycle split systems are good for winter


The cold is upon Melbourne, which means it is time to whip out the winter jackets, beanies and socks. And turn on the heater.

Besides traditional heating systems such as ducted gas heating and gas log fire heaters, the reverse cycle split system is gaining popularity as an air conditioning option to keep the home or office warm.

A reverse cycle system is able to both heat and cool, making it an ideal option to keep your home comfortable all year round. Basically, the system works by drawing heat from the air outside (yes, even during the coldest winter nights) and transfers it inside. The refrigerant goes through an external coil and absorbs the heat, before pumping down into a condenser. The warm air is then released to the room by a fan.

The system reverses this process to cool, hence the name.

Some of the benefits of having the reverse cycle split system for winter include:

Energy efficiency

If you are looking for something that is more energy efficient than a conventional heater, the reverse cycle system is perfect. Conventional heaters have to create heat, while the reverse cycle system uses a heat pump to absorb heat from the outside air – a much more energy efficient process. The reverse cycle system works best in temperatures between -10°C and 45°C, so it’s ideal for use in Melbourne weather.

Lower running costs

Although reverse cycle air conditioners are generally more expensive to purchase, their ability to heat and cool makes them useful throughout the year. This means you actually save some money for not having to purchase two separate systems. Plus, their energy efficiency would give you reduced electricity bills over time.

Better temperature control

With the thermostat in reverse cycle split systems, you are able to adjust and keep your home at the right temperature. Also, as individual split system units are placed in different rooms and areas, it allows you the option to set different temperatures in the different locations as required, instead of overheating one area for the sake of another. For example, you can set the unit in the bedroom to be warmer than in the living space, or even turn off the units in rooms that are not being used.


Unlike certain conventional heaters such as radiant heaters or unflued gas heaters, reverse cycle split systems do not have exposed elements or flames. This makes it ideal for homes with young children or pets running around. Reverse cycle split systems are also safe for use even in small spaces as it does not release any toxic fumes.

Healthier air quality

Many modern reverse cycle split systems, such as the LG air conditioners, feature air-purifying and allergy reduction filters. In fact, LG’s Inverter air conditioners use several filtration systems, including the Triple Filter, the Micro Dust Filter, and the Anti Bacteria Air Filter. These are able to trap and deactivate microscopic particles such as dust allergens, virus, bacteria and odours. Air purification features are essential for families that need to reduce the risk of asthma and hay fever.

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