Why go for smart Wi-Fi air conditioners

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Summer is practically knocking on our doors right now, which probably makes it the best time for Melbournians to buy an air conditioner. With so many options to choose from, what type of air conditioner should we go for?

A smart one.

Smart air conditioners are basically air conditioners that come embedded with Wi-Fi connection. This means they are connected to the internet, and can be controlled through your smartphone, giving you the ultimate control and convenience.

So why should you go for smart air conditioners?

You can control your air conditioner anytime, anywhere

smart air conditioners

The LG WH Series come with built in Wi-Fi Smart Control, and the LG Smart ThinQ app lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone. This means the days of running around your house looking for that one air conditioner remote controller are over.

You can now easily control the air conditioning unit with your smartphone, wherever you are. Even when you are not home.

That’s right. Even while still in the office or on the road, you can now turn on your air conditioner and control the temperature and fan speed settings, so that you can return to a nicely cooled home.

And what if you have left the house without turning the air conditioner off? With the app in your hands, you don’t have to turn back or expect a hefty electricity bill any more. All you have to do is turn on the Smart ThinQ app and switch off the air conditioner, wherever you are.

You can monitor your usage

smart air conditioners

With a smart air conditioner, you can stay in control of your energy consumption. Through the Smart ThinQ app, you can view your real-time and weekly or monthly energy usage, allowing you to monitor and control your usage.

The LG WH Series has an Active Energy Control feature, which allows you to cap the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit. With the Smart ThinQ app, you can get alerts for when your energy consumption is about to reach a pre-set limit.

Get instant help and support for your unit

smart air conditioners

The Smart Diagnosis uses the latest technology to answer your queries quickly and conveniently. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, it can instantly provide you a diagnosis result if you are experiencing a problem, saving you the hassle of trying to identify the issue yourself. It will also list out possible solutions, and give you a guideline for troubleshooting on your own.

This feature also contains a lot of useful information and tips to help you use and maintain your product.

Air conditioners that come with Wi-Fi and smartphone apps provide a more convenient and efficient way of controlling the unit. They not only make life easier, but may help save on running costs in the long run too.

The latest LG WH Series air conditioners come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the LG Smart ThinQ app as well as the Smart Diagnosis. To find out more about the LG WH Series, please contact Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning at (03) 9729 0894, or fill in the form here for a free quote.