Energy Efficient Features to Look For in Air Conditioners

Energy Efficient Features to Look For in Air Conditioners

An energy efficient air conditioner not only uses less power and helps you save on energy costs, but is often also high performing and can last longer.

So how do you look for an energy efficient unit?

Checking the energy star rating is a good way to assess the air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency – the more stars, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is. For example, a unit that has six stars is more energy efficient than one with three stars.

But besides the star rating, some air conditioner manufacturers, such as Daikin, have also included advanced features in their new models to help reduce energy wastage.

These energy efficient features include:

Smartphone Control

Some new air conditioner models, such as the Daikin Zena, US7 and Cora, can be controlled by your smartphone via the internet or Wi-Fi. This allows you to operate your unit even when you are not home, which is especially useful if you realised you forgot to turn the air con off before leaving the house.

Coanda and Vertical Airflow

The Coanda and vertical airflow works by directing cold air upwards or warm air downwards, to better circulate air and heat or cool the room. This results in a more effective air distribution, which then achieves the desired temperature quicker, thus using less power and reducing the energy bills.

Motion Sensor Technology

Daikin’s Zena and US7 models come with the 2-Area Intelligent Eye feature, which basically uses an infrared sensor to detect when a room is occupied or vacant, and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This lets the unit optimise airflow and power to operate as efficiently as possible. Some systems also allow you to set the unit to turn off when the room is vacant for a certain period of time.

Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can choose to have your air conditioner turned on and off at a certain time, to ensure optimum comfort and energy efficiency. You can also use it to set a target temperature, to help you maintain the perfect and consistent temperature in your home throughout the day.

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